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To buy bulk pins, use the information below!

Do You Use DITCO Pin Loader?

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You can buy your Bulk Pins here with preference at good rates without Activation fee

All you need to do is create an account on the panel to the left of your screen (if you use PC) or click on BULK PINS at the bottom-left corner of your screen (if you use Smartphone).

Having created an account, you should contact us via 080-6749-6773 to activate your account at no cost in order to make your purchase.

NOTE: Pins shall be delivered to the e-mail address you provide during account creation within 24 business hours.

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You wouldn't be able to make your bookings on this platform

Kindly visit GEMS Mobile Money to make your bookings.

Do You need Recharge Cards Printing SOftware?

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Kindly use any of the links below as it pleases your choice.

To download our software, DITCO Pin Loader after payment  ⇒ Click here

To download our software, DITCO Pin Loader and PAY LATER  ⇒ Click here

To use our Portal, Online DITCO Pin Loader  ⇒ Click here


Want to try DEMO Version ?

Get Software DEMO Version (Username: Ditco, Password: 8067496773)

Try Online DEMO Version (Username: Ditco, Password: ditcosoft)

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